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Snooper Shotsaver S320 Golf GPS

Snooper Shotsaver S320 Golf GPS

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Shotsaver S320 Golf GPS

Shotsaver S320 Golf GPS The new and improved S320 GPS golf GPS is the result of months of intensive research and development. Golfers the World over striving to improve their game demand the highest quality equipment and the S320 meets and exceeds those demands. The S320 incorporates the brightest LCD screen in the industry, WQVGA with a resolution, of 240×400 pixels. This makes it easy to read in any conditions. In addition the S320 comes with a built-in rechargeble battery capable of guiding you round the golf course for up to 12hrs, which will give you a couple of rounds between recharges, ideal for a full days golf. Being water proof the Shotsaver S320 is ideal for the British summer!

The S320 Shotsaver uses the very lastest GPS technology to give you accurate positional information anywhere on your golf course. You have access to a database of over 3500 golf courses covering the whole of Western Europe, one of the most comprehensive golf databases available and still growing. The Shotsaver S320 uses the most accurate GPS technology to provide you with distances to the front, back and middle of the green plus bunkers, fairways, streams, lakes plus many other hazards. Unlike some other golf GPS units, subscription to the Snooper Shotsaver golf course database of over 3500 golf courses is completely free!
Up to 100 courses can be stored on Shotsaver at any one time, but these can easily be swapped and updated from the list of over 3500 courses across Europe free of charge!


The Shotsaver S320 golf GPS includes a number of easily identifiable icons designed to make it as easy as possible for you to see how far you are away from the green and what dangers lie ahead!

shotsaver S320 icons Golf GPS

All golf courses are plotted on foot to ensure maximum accuracy. shotsaver S320 score Golf GPS

Record how far you hit each and every club!

Many golfers don’t know exactly how far they hit each club, and in golf knowing these distances is essential to help save you shots and navigate the golf course. Shotsaver gives you the ability to measure how far you hit each and every golf club so you can make the right club selection each and every time. Simply record the position of your ball, take you shot and then record the position it lands. Shotsaver will provide you with details of the longest and shortest distances you hit each club plus will keep a running average.

Electronic scorecard

Shotsaver’s electronic scorecard will save the scores of up to four players. Enter the name and handicap of each player at the beginning of the round and then enter your scores at the end of each hole. Shotsaver’s electronic scorecard will total your score and automatically calculate your net score and also Stableford score. Shotsaver let’s you see your score at a glance at any time, leaving you free to concentrate on your golf.

Satellite Navigation

It is also possible to add street level satellite navigation and speed camera detection to the S320 Shotsaver golf GPS. With Snooper’s pocket navigation software you can use the S320 in your car as well as on the golf course! Not only will you be able to navigate around your favourite golf course, you will also be navigated directly there and with your driving license safely intact! Snooper sat nav and speed camera detection software is supplied on a micro SD card and can be installed in seconds. Simply slide the micro SD card in to the SD card slot on the underside of the unit and you are ready to go! (Sat Nav Micro SD Cards Not Included in box)