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Garmin Approach G3

Garmin Approach G3

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Featuring 5,000 preloaded European course maps, unlimited course capacity and enough battery life for three rounds of golf, the lightweight Approach G3 handheld golf GPS navigator is the ideal companion for golfers looking to give their game a boost of confidence.

Eliminate the Guesswork from your shots with the Approach G3 Golf GPS

The touchscreen interface on the Garmin Approach G3 helps you decide the best tactic to get that ideal shot and improve your score by showing you the precise distance to the green or other key course features.

Garmin Approach G3 Golf GPS Unit has a  highly-sensitive GPS receiver which pinpoints where you are on the course and automatically updates your position as you move, so you’ll always know the yardage to the pin.

Improve your course management with Touch Targeting; Touch any point on the display and Approach G3 shows the precise distance to that exact spot and the subsequent distance to the pin. Knowing your yardage is essential to feel confident laying up or carrying hazards.

Garmin G3 approach - Best price, discount Garmin G3 Amazon - Order nowTo check the pin position, simply touch the top corner of the screen and reposition the flag to correspond with the day’s placement. In ‘Green View’ you can also see the accurate shape of the green and the yardages of any green-side hazards.

Garmin Approach G3 Golf GPS Unit displays tree lines so you can work out how far it is to carry a dog leg or a tree obstructing your line to the pin. After launching a drive you can measure its distance using the ‘Measure Shot’ feature for bragging rights back in the bar.

Touch-targetingPocket-sized Golfing Partner

The Garmin Approach G3 golf GPS  features a 2.6-inch touchscreen colour display that is sunlight-readable, and has two simple options once powered: Play and Preview. The waterproof and compact unit can be easily used with just one hand and comes with a caribiner clip, which fixes onto your towel loop.

Approach G3 also doubles as a digital scorecard for up to four players and stores your played rounds. You can review all your previous cards at the 19th hole by connecting the Approach to your PC or Mac.

Approach G3 is compliant with USGA and R&A rules.

No Subscriptions or Set-up Fees: Free updates

Approach G3 comes packed with 5,000 preloaded European course maps with precise vector detail – and more are being added all the time. You can check out and download the latest course updates at absolutely free. Approach G3 also enables you to preview any of its preloaded courses to ensure you are never ill-equipped to meet the challenges of an unfamiliar track.

Garmin Approach G3 Golf GPS Unit comes complete with a caribiner clip, USB cable and owner’s manual – all supplied in a presentation box. Simply pop two AA batteries into the unit and you’re ready to tee off (Approach also works with rechargeable AA batteries). If you prefer to attach Approach G3 to your golf cart, a bespoke golf cart mount is also available for purchase .

Features and Benefits:

  • Touchscreen
  • Free course updates – No subscriptions or fees
  • Touch-targeting (touch target on display to see the distance to any point)
  • Manual pin positioning (tap and drag flag on green for precise yardage)
  • Measures shot distance (calculates exact yardage for shots from anywhere on course)
  • Course preview (see detailed, hole-by-hole preview)
  • Over 5,000 European courses pre-loaded
  • Digital scorecard: yes (keep score for up to four players)
  • Computer scorecard review (save and review scores on computer)

Customer reviews for Garmin G3 Approach

By Mead669

Amazon reviews

I bought the Garmin Approach G3 really on the strength of reviews and Garmins reputation. I can honestly say that neither have let me down, this is an excellect item which is easy to operate it has all the functions you’d want from a golf GPS. There are no course download or annual subscriptions to worry about, I must admit that I was slightly worried wether I’d be able to read the screen as I normally have to wear glasses to read, my worries were unfounded, the on screen text is large and clear the user interface (touch screen) is fantastic and only took a few minutes of ues to get the hang of all the facilities of the G3. If I ware to be really critical, I would like to have had a soft travel case supplied, I would also like the unit to come with a charger and rechargeable batteries, for the price this would be very little outlay for Garmin. I would not hesitate to recommend this GPS to any of my friends. QUALITY…..


Amazon reviews

Since I bought the Gps I have dropped 4 shots from my handicap going down from a 9 to a 5. To be honest most club golfers know the distance to the geen from anypoint on a hole at there home course but it allows you to check and reasure yourself, like having a caddie, and allows you to fully commit to every shot. Also the view of the hole is so useful when laying up as it allows you to easily see what club you need to hit to get to your favorite distance. It is amazingly cheap and will improve your game no matter what your handicap. Its an ESSENTIAL.